Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blooooog Carnivaaaal :)

From the good folks over at 20sb
And I dont really do lists.....except when i do lists...

- A wish list of 5 items, one for each sense (that's an item for sight, one for smell, etc.)

Um. Good carnival.

Sight- 20/20 vision. I hate having to only HALF see shit at times. Ugh....

Smell- Im not sure, maybe something passion fruit juice?

Touch- heheh... I mean, I would like something soft, and silky...and wet.. hmmm....maybe a glove with lotion in it?

Hearing- I wonder if there is a soundtrack to life. every now and again M.I.A., Cassidy when I need some wit...or Styles P when im chillin.

Taste- hehe...

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